June 27, 2021

I am probably not the only one who can’t wait to go on holiday, there are still restrictions and it will not be easy to travel this year but whether you will stay home and have some staycation or go on holiday I created some summer outfits for you.

Yes, let’s be honest I got inspired from Greece, I have never been there but I would love to. But even if you are gonna stay in the UK for summer and travel to a sea location you can still feel the holiday vibes and wear beautiful outfits.

When packing for holidays it is a good idea to stick to a colour palette, in this way everything will go with everything. In this case I went for: orange, lilac, light blue, red and I added two neutrals, white and beige.


The first one I have created for you is a day time outfit. I chose an orange mini dress, perfect for you if your hair is blonde with warm shades and your skin is ivory.

I paired it with some beautiful statement handmade earrings and a red hair tie with a floral print that will add determination to the overall romantic outfit, together with the coral sandals. The final touch is the straw bag in a big size to carry all the things you will need during the day and a bottle of water to keep hydrated.


The second one is a beach time outfit. Wear this lovely lilac ribbed bikini with a white kaftan, a straw hat to shelter you from the sun and the same bag from the previous outfit, after all we can’t pack a bag for every outfit, can we?

Add an orange necklace and orange hair tie to keep your hair away from your face and to look stylish even when you go to the beach. Of course don’t forget your flip flops and you are ready to go! Have fun!


I personally love to explore when I am on holidays, of course I love to relax but I dedicate at least one day to explore, this will include long walks sometimes in uncomfortable paths. 

If you are adventurous and you are planning something similar you need to be well equipped, wear these lovely lilac shorts for comfort and pair them with a light blue t-shirt, using an analogous colour combination and repeat it in a pair of tie dye socks.

Wear small earrings and comfy trainers (the most important part of the outfit).

Don’t forget your backpack to store your sandwiches and and your glittery water bottle and, why not? A tablecloth for a picnic!


One outfit is not enough for day time, we will need at least another one and this is my second suggestion.

This time I went for wide leg trousers in a neutral colour that will look lovely with a light blue cropped top and that reminds of the colours of the sand and the sea.

Add the same earrings that you have worn for the excursion day, the comfy flat coral sandals you have worn in the first day time outfit and the orange necklace you have worn to go to the beach.

You can not miss a white round crossbody straw bag!

This outfit will be perfect for the day you will visit the town where you are staying, enjoy your day and do a lot of shopping!


And obviously we could not miss a night time outfit, whether you are travelling with your partner and you are off to a romantic dinner or you are going to have some delicious food with your girlfriends, you will need a night time outfit.

This time I chose a stunning midi dress with a V neck and a slit on one side.

You could easily wear it with a stiletto but this time I paired it with some gold espadrilles, perfect for comfort and to have a walk after dinner.

I added a lilac clutch bag with gold details and some beautiful purple earrings in a flower shape, perfect to communicate your mysterious and fun side. I finally matched a gold necklace to the golden shoes and the golden details on the bag. The final touch will be a sky blue nail polish

Enjoy your dinner and the beautiful seaside view while you drink a glass of white wine!

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Stay safe! xx