Full Style Makeover

Do you feel you don’t have a well defined style?
Do you stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning saying
“I have nothing to wear”?
Are you
unsatisfied with your appearance?
Have you ever
given up on a social event because you didn’t have anything to wear?
Have you ever felt
out of place in a social situation because of your clothing?
Style details
If you replied “yes” to two or more questions you are in the right place.
I completely understand what you are feeling like, I have been there before and I hated it.
I can see you, you open your wardrobe doors in the morning and you stand in front of it wondering what to wear.

Your clothes stare at you, your flowery dress says: you thought I was really pretty when you saw me in the store!
Your skinny jeans say: wear me! You always do!
Your old jumper says: I will keep you warm!

And you feel even more confused.
And you end up wearing the same outfit again, the one that makes you feel safe but that doesn’t communicate who you really are.
bubbles colours
I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy getting dressed in the morning, it should be fun and not stressful!

Feeling confident in social situations could bring you new job opportunities, new friendships, a new love and showing to the world who you really are will attract the right people in your life.

But most of all it will raise your self-esteem.

When you take care of yourself, you feel more confident, and when you feel more confident you have the courage to take new actions that will lead you in new amazing directions.

But how does it happen?
How do you find your style?
And how do you find out what’s really good on you?

I have got a tailor made plan for you.

We will meet virtually every two weeks and we will have 6 sessions together.
Before having our Discovery call I will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of your preferences and your objectives.



Discovery Call and Lifestyle

We will get to know each other, we will talk about your lifestyle, your style personality and clothing preferences and we will gain a clear picture of what you would like to achieve.

The Discovery call will be free.

Because I think it is really important to evaluate together if this service is the right one for you.

Here we will talk about you and what you would like to achieve and you will have 5 days after this session to think about it and let me know if you are intended to carry on.

Body Shape and Body Image

We will find out what your body shape is, its strengths and weaknesses, what are the best cuts on you based on your style but...

I won’t put you in a box, forget it!

Every single person, even with the same “body shape” could suit different styles, because of their personal style, proportions or other reasons, so we will talk in depth about it to find out what is really great on you.





Colour Analysis

In this session we will find out your best colours, based on your style I will guide you in adding them into your outfits, I will teach you what you are communicating when you are wearing a certain colour and how to combine them to send the right message.

I will never tell you to not wear a colour (if you love it) only because it is not the most flattering on you, but I will teach you how to welcome it in your outfits.

Wardrobe Analysis

I will ask your permission to virtually allow me in your wardrobe.

We will collaborate to declutter and let the pieces that no longer speak about you go, I will not force you in to anything, my role will be to guide you in to the creation of a functional and organised wardrobe that will become your best friend in the morning when you will need to choose your daily outfits.





Personal Shopping

At this stage we will have a clear vision of your style and your wardrobe situation, we will have already highlighted any gaps and what do you need to create a style that is great for you.

We will agree on what it is missing and what you need and want to shop for, I will be on your side to guide you and create amazing and exciting new outfits for you!

Clothes Fitting

I won’t let you alone with your new clothes!
When you receive your order I will ask you to send me some pictures and we will schedule another call to check the fitting and decide what to send back and what to keep.
+ 30 days of whatsapp or email extra support.

After every session I will send you some exciting homework to do!



What you will get

• Your Style Development Book, a beautiful printable document with a recap of all our sessions, my tailor made advices for you, your style boards and much more.

• A unique style to finally show to the world who you really are.

• At the end of our journey you will look at yourself in the mirror with new eyes, you will feel amazing and ready for a new exciting life.

• My goal is to make you independent in your decisions, so after our sessions you will know exactly what is good on you and you will be able to know what to shop for in the future.

• You will save money and time, no more unworn pieces in your wardrobe and wasted hours to choose an outfit.

One month of extra support via whatsapp or email for any further doubts you might have or any question.
The investment for your style transformation is

£ 897

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Go the extra mile

Do you feel stuck in some areas of your life?
Do you feel you have
no motivation to achieve your dreams and does it all seem so hard?
Do you feel
unconfident in social situations?
Do you find yourself
comparing to others?
Do you feel there is a
lack of direction and purpose in your life?

Do you feel you have no confidence to wear that beautiful dress you really love?

If you replied “yes” to one or more question, don’t worry, I replied “yes” to all of them many years ago.
It is completely normal, we all have self-sabotaging mechanisms which, if not identified, distance us from our goals and our well-being.

During our Full Style Makeover we will understand if you can benefit from one or more of the different paths I offer, and if you would like it we can continue our journey together.