Colour Analysis

Have you realised that when you wear certain colours you appear healthier, happier and prettier?
Have you ever realised that there are certain colours that make you look dull, yellowish or unhealthy instead?
Do you know what are you communicating with the colours you wear?
Do you want to stop/ wear less black?
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All of us have colours that look better next to our skin than others and knowing what they are is a life changing.

Forget your indecision when shopping, you will know what colour to choose because you know that it will look great on you.
You might think, and what about if I love a colour that it is not in my palette, would you tell me not to wear it?
This will never happen, I will never tell you to not wear a colour because it is not in your palette but I will advice you how to introduce it in your outfit to be still flattering on you and enhance your natural beauty.

We will also go through the colour meanings and I will give you advices on how to wear them according to your emotions and feelings and to help you to achieve your goals.

Yes, you may not know but the colours are a great tool to help us to achieve our goals, they have the power to shift our mood and they allow us to tap into our most hidden resources.
Learn how to use the colours on your favour.
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How it works



I will ask you some photos to use in the colour analysis.

Discovery call: we will get to know each other, we will discover your tastes, your favourite colours and the colours you don’t like and any other concern you might have.





I will make a complete PDF file with your best palette and all my colour advices to create your new incredible outfits.

We will arrange another call to talk about my advices and to answer any question or doubts you might have.



The PDF will include

Your colour palette.
• My colour advice for your outfits based on your body shape, personality and lifestyle.
The meaning of five of your best colours and ideas of where and when to wear them.
• Your best haircut, hair colour and hairstyles based on your natural features and personal taste.
How to wear the colours you like even if they are not your best colours and still look amazing.
+ Bonus
The investment for your style transformation is

£ 197

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