January 27, 2020

How to come up with 4 different styles with the same garment.

Hello everyone!

Today I came back with a classic topic: how to style a white shirt.

I’m quite sure most of you have one in their wardrobes but if you don’t I won’t tell you need to have one.

My philosophy is that you need to buy something only if you think it is part of yourstyle, it doesn’t exist a garment you must own.

So this post is for you only if you think a white shirt is part of your style.


Ok! A white shirt is part of your style and now…how to style it?

It dipends what is the result you are looking for, what is the occasion when you will wear it and last but not least what is you personality.

If you want to add it in your daily outfits but you still want to look casual, I will advise you to go for a…


Casual look

Wear it underneath an oversized colorful or patterned jumper or a knitted dress, or alternatively match it with your favourite pair of jeans.

If you like casual and comfty looks but with a twist you may go for a…


Casual chic look

You will still be comfty but you will add some “chic” elements as a colourful bag, a tailored pair of trousers (worn with a pair of heels shoes), a pleated skirt or a cropped pair of trousers worn with a pair of heels.

Or you can wear a long white shirt that will become a dress worn on its own with a belt.

Ok, I think I’m in love with this style!

If you want to wear it for a special occasion that may require a smart look you can go for a…


Smart look

This style is really easy to recreate, the simplest outfit is what you will get by matching a pair of black tailored trousers with a pair of smart shoes such as heels or moccasins.

If you want to look smart but you like colors I will suggest a colourful blazer and a pair of trousers in a neutral colour, add a patterned little scarf for the final twist.

midi skirt is also a great idea,tulle or tailored, match the one you prefer according to your style!

Do you like the smart look but you want to use it in your daily life?


Smart casual look

…can be the one for you!

A pair of jeans, a white shirt and a checkered balzer and you are ready to go!

Play with a patterned skirt, a blazer and trainers for a relaxed look with a smart twist.

If you like simple things wear the white shirt in a casual way and add a pair of smart shoes and there you have it.

Did you like this post? Did I inspire you to create new outfits with your white shirt?

Let me know with a comment!

See you soon!

With love,