January 13, 2020

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted something on my blog, that’s because in this time I lost a little bit my track.

When you don’t schedule your posts, when you don’t have a purpose for your blog (or you have too many) you can easily get lost.

But now I am here with renewed energy!


Another thing was the language I should have used to write posts.

I didn’t want to leave my mother tongue (Italian) and at the same time I wanted the posts in English as well, as I now live in England and I use this language daily (Iwon’t hide that it is also a good excuse to practice it daily even more).

At the end I decided to go only for English .

So, I don’t want to take more of your time, let’s start with the topic of the day:

Vintage! And in particular: How to recreate a Grunge Outfit!


Recently, during an appointment, I had a young lady asking to reproduce for herself the 80/90 style.

Ok it wasn’t exactly the Grunge Style but this reminded me when I was a teenager and I used to wear grunge style sometimes, well trying to reproduce it XD

I need to confess that sometimes I still like to add grunge touches in my outfits but…shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Ok, so, how to recreate a Grunge Outfit/Style?

But, fist of all? What is a grunge style?


Grunge fashion is the clothing, accessories and hairstyles of the grunge music genre and subculture which emerged in mid-1980s Seattle, and hadreached wide popularity by the early 1990s. Grunge fashion is characterized by durable and timeless thrift-store clothing, often worn ina loose, androgynous manner to de-emphasize the silhouette. The style was popularized by music artists Kurt Cobain, and Pearl Jam.(From Wikipedia)

What characterizes the grunge style then?

There is so manycharacteristic we may go through but today we will focus only on 5 of them.


1.Tartan everywhere

Tartan is a must if you want to recreate a grunge outfit, worn mostly in red and green, you could find it on skirts, dresses, trousers, shirts, blazers, scarves…everywhere!

Here you can find an outfit I created for you with modern clothes you can find today in store and online!


The flared skirt will suit you no matter what’s your body shape.

I teamed it with a black t-shirt from Levi’s but if you want you can replace it with anyother printed t-shirt (red or green print) ora plain black one.

You may already own a black leather jacket in your wardrobe but, if you don’t, this one from All Saints is gorgeus! A staple that will last you forever!

I also matched it with this quilted leather Murberry shoulder bag and a pair of Carvela leather ankle boots.


The final touch? The chocker necklace that will bring you straight back to the past!

2. T-shirts over long sleeved tops

Printed t-shirt is another characteristic ofthis style, worn tucked into trousers and over a long sleeved top possibly a striped or a fishnet one.

Ok, maybe not everyone will be that brave to do it (I think I wouldn’t for example! XD) but this was really common at the end of 80’s and early 90’s, maybe even later because I remember doing it sometimes as a teenager!

How to do it? Choose a color from the printed t-shirt and use it to find a long sleeved topin the same color, if you get it striped you won!

What did I choose for this outfit?

Levi’s striped top worn underneath a Hush dark grey t-shirt.

High waisted jeans from Whistles perfect if you are curvy over the hips and if you struggle to find a loose fit jeans.

A belt, a pair of hoop earrings, a tan thick jacket (that you will wear again and again) and these wonderful Geox boots will complete the outfit.

3. Crop tops and tied up shirts and t-shirts

Showing your waist is one of the most important points of this style, so, a tied up shirt or t-shirt is the solution!

I personally fell in love with the white shirt worn over the black top and I will copy it for sure!

So, of course I reproduced the look above with my personal touch.

Does it need any comments?

Wear it if you want to accentuate your waistline and add a pair of polkadot tights.

4. Fishnet tights and socks

Worn in small doses they can look very cool and stylish.

You can wear fishnet tights under ripped jeans or fishnet socks teamed with mini skirts or dresses.

Not sure about mixing two different denim colors? The trick is not to choose them in 2 similar washes, they should be REALLY different or the SAME color.

A pair of fishnet socks will add a twist to your plain look!

5. Dungarees

Do we have anything more 90’s than that?

Denim, corduroy or tartan dungaree worn with a pair of converse or ankle boots and you will immediately feel the 90’s vibes!

I will recommend you this outfit if you are apple shaped or rectangular shaped with a waistline not too accentuated.

Stripes, denim,a beret and a pair of white Dr Martens ankle boots and you will be ready for a shopping day with your best friend!

Did you like this post? Let me know with a comment.

See you next week!

With love,