January 20, 2020

Hello everyone!

I kept my promise and here I am with a new post!

Today we will talk about Boiler Suits and how to wear them according with your body shape.

If you like thembut you think they won’t suit you…hang on!

The boiler suit has been a trend over this season and we have seen it basically everywhere.

But which one to choose?



If you are apple shaped with a generous chest I would recommend you to choose one with a V neckline.

An apple shapedbody usually is short waisted with long legs and a waistline not tooaccentuated. The shoulders usually have the same width as the hips.

If you recognize yourself in this description I would recommend you to wear a boiler suit witha dropped waistline like the boiler suitsyou see in the pictures below.

The cut for theboiler suit leg can be slim or straight.


For pear andhourglass figure I will recommend more or less the same boiler suit type, theonly difference will be the neckline.

If you have a generous chest I would recommend a Vneck as I didfor the apple shaped body and I would recommend a round neck for apear shaped figure.

If you think Itwould be better for you to wear a V neckline but you fell in love with a boilersuit with a round neck you can easily recreate the Vline wearing a long necklace, or you can undo a few buttons if the boiler suit islike the ones you can see below.

The most important thing is to show the waistline witha belt or helped by the jumpsuit shape.

For both shapesI will advice to wear a straight, cropped or wide legcut.


For arectangular shaped body I would recommend to wear a fitted boilersuit with a structured waistline.

A rectangularfigure is characterized by a not too accentuated waistline so it would bereally flattering if you could wear a belt or an elasticized waist.

The neckline will be your choice, choose the one you prefer.

Leg cut? Skinny, slim or straight.


A strawberryshaped body is characterized by the broader shoulders of the hips, accentuatedwaistline and slim legs.

In this case Iwould recommend a V neckline that will make theshoulders look narrower, the leg cut can be wide (butnot too wide) or straight, I won’t recommend wearing a skinny cut because itwill accentuate the disproportion between shoulders and hips.

Wearing astraight or wide cut will help to broaden the bottom part of the body so thefull figure will look more proportionate.

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